Thursday, 31 May 2018

Task 1: Get into pairs and research the event which you observed in the experiment.The force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth,or towards any other physical body having mass.

Task 2: Share some vocabulary which will be useful to use in your writing. This vocabulary will be shared on the digital word bank:force air movement

Task 3: Plan your scientific report using this template. Share this on your blog with a sentence or two to explain your learning.

Immersion Assembly Writing

In the morning we had Immersion Assembly about term 2. In the first movie that we watched, Team one’s teachers were going to the beach until the road was blocked by a rock! They tried and tried then Miss Lal said,

“We can get a log and launch it to the moon so it could never come down.Then it was time for team two’s turn so there one was about wheels that movement so they went to the stage and miss Gaston was trying to try and thinking about how to movement wheels until Miss Moran was pushing a troll with all of the teachers.

Then Miss Gaston Starting to say Stop guys I need to work something that has wheels Ok. It was time for team 3 so team 3 was doing a movie about force on a park.

Then it was time for team 4 so team 4 had a movie about flying art and force so let's take a look.Wow that was the cool movie I have seen.

it time for team 5 so team 5 were doing a tug of war in the stage this was the Champions of the world but they vs the people that are called Mr Moran ,Miss Moran so the champions won the tug of war so that was it for the immersion assembly.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Narrative Writing

One afternoon three friends called Jane, Sivaenah and Madi went on a trip to the Carnival. They went to do fun games until they flew up high to the sky. It was called a hot air balloon. It was their first time to fly in a hot air balloon. Then they went to get ready to go play on all of the games.And it was fun going there Especially my favourite game was  little Alchemy.

Friday, 11 May 2018

fia fia writing

At night we had a show for fia fia and it is about celebrating and how do you feel up on stage.on that night we were wet and cold then we went to  performance at the stage so we went to change to our clothes that we change with when we weared it.
At that night we went to do our fia fia and then we went to go off stage then we were last and I performance and I felt proud of me because I performance for my family.


PARAGRAPH 4 (Optional)


  • TASK 3: Draw a picture to go with your writing, and post your finished learning on your blog!

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forces helping the yacht to move

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