Friday, 31 March 2017

When  who where? Yesterday morning we make paper plane. Room 12 and Mr Moran went.we do it in the whare fono so we can be warm.why we do it so we can find out who is the pt England world champion paper plane thrower.Next we have are 5 paper planes  world champion and there names are Evelyn and Victoria and valeli and arkar then we went to see the world champion paper plane thrower and the world champion winner and the winner  was valeli  and valeli was 1st and 2nd was victoria 3nd was Evelyn  and 4nd was arkar.

New Zealand Sea Lions

Friday, 24 March 2017

Relay race

In the morning on the field.Mr Moran talk about the Rules then  we copy him and I played against Francis and  we spin around the relay pole .We had to  jump over the hurdles. We skip in a hula hoop. Next we went around the cone and we went back to the pole.Next I went to the back of the line to go back and sit down in my keen and hands on your head.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Beach Mission

On a sunny day a went to the beach to have a good time there then I saw some people on the beach and I was injoy myself  in sunny day playing volleyball with some of my friends.

In the weather it sunny and winding in the water was salt and shine and I see a boat that as 3000 people screaming because there was fire and we went to save them  all then we ran to ride boat so we can go get something like water and it did not woke and the fire track came to save the 3000 people.

In the sea I saw a boat with 3000 people and to babies and we went to gabe a moana boat to get the phone to call the fire track and they with be there in a rush and I gave the moana boat so they can save them all.