Monday, 19 March 2018

Camp 5,6s

Last week Wednesday we were on holiday for camp but year 5,6s.Then on the first day we have to wear mufti. My highlight is out a kayaking about kayaking is I saw Oaill  and Brooklyn fall off the boat at camp we get in to our groups but I am in green  machines and the other groups called trash bashes,clean cashes, pollution police. We get points from the teacher and adults on the last day at night we have to do is demonstrating with a toilet  paper to make a mummy with adults and teachers and at the marquee that’s where the teachers and some adults come and help make the food for dinner and lunch and Breakfast.In the morning we went to do jump jam in the hall then we went to the marquee to have breakfast and then we went  with miss mola for our next activate then we went to the marquee to have lunch then at night we went to room 9 and  room 10 to Watch a movie called captain underpant after the movie finished then we went to the hall to do our conert and the wining was Pollution police then we went to the toilet for the other people that they can go to the toilet then after we went to sleep.In the morning we have to pack our bags cause it was time to go home but after we go home we get to go to the pools after we finished our swim we went to School in the hall to say goodbye to everyone then we went home.

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  1. Awesome camp this year. Sounded like you had heaps of fun. Amazing work from teachers & helpers.


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