Thursday, 16 November 2017

choose Narrative

Begin Writing Here:in the morning we went to a place called  Rotorua  and we went to the colourful balloon and I went with my family and we looked down and when i looked down I see houses and cities and trees too..After that we went down so the kids can have a ture on it then we went to eat mcdonalds so after we ate when we went to rotorua it was cool there cause the  day today was cool.

The Characters  
Once upon a time there were 5 Characters called Max and jack and Norah jade and Oalii and jane at Rotorua we seed a colourful balloon that was big and with a sadder  on the bottom of the balloon we went next to the sky with the clouds under use is trees houses and New Yoke too.After we went we ate McDonalds at the Panmure one.   

The Trouble
In Rotorua Max and jack went to have a fight because they were mocking each other for a reason.After that  the sister woke up and they seed the boys fight until the girls tell Mum and Dad until Dad and Mum woke and then Mum and Dad seed Max and Jack got in trouble for fighting.

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